Wednesday, 30 September 2015

White PPL Sauce

White PPL Sauce Makes a Fragrant Curry Base
White PPL Sauce is one of my favourite curry bases.  I make that point of it being a base as this is one of the most important secrets of making a truly excellent curry.

OK so first, a little background for you!

The base of a curry when done just right is the the most exciting part of the flavour of the dish, a realisation you will probably have come to when you have had years of experience in the investigation of any subject to do with this delicious form of cuisine.

Once you understand that basic principle (one that appears incomprehensible if you don't at least try!) then the secret art of what makes a delicious curry just stands out clearly.

For me this realisation transpired suddenly when, after a year of living at uni and cooking on the cheap to save money, I asked my Indian friends to teach me to make curry in a little kitchen on the bottom floor of the shared accommodation.

My Indian friends had all been taught to cook from an early age so I had particularly good mentors in the art of curry-production.

Their standards of curry-production went something like this:

Be liberal with your flavours. Flavours bring flavour (duh) AS WELL AS surface to dishes. Most grocery stores offer flavours in misleadingly little holders. You can purchase greater bundles from Asian markets, which will urge you to spoon in the flavors with a more liberated hand. (You can store them in the cooler to stop them going stale.)

Decide how you are going to cook your onion, ginger, and garlic. This trio of ingredients is the important curry base that gives the profound and recogniseable flavour of most curries, (this is comparable to onion, carrot and celery in the French custom).

Here's an interesting side note; garlic is not fundamental to making a curry. Some Indians shun it totally because of its sharpness and it is regularly let well enough alone for sustenance served at weddings to abstain from culpable visitors. Soften them without covering for a lighter style curry (as in the delicious White PPL base linked in this article) first formula or cook them longer and caramelize for something tasting a little more luxurious and with a deeper fragrance.

Decide what is going to give your curry sauce its body. This will regularly be one, or more blends of the following common ingredients: tomatoes; pureed peppers or chillies; yogurt or cream; coconut milk; spinach, or finely diced or pureed onion.

Remember these standards, and curry-production will get to be straightforward and pleasurable. You will be allowed to ad lib. You will end up being the expert of your own one of a kind curry lattice.

The White PPL Sauce

This 'white' sauce base is one of my favourite for lighter meat such as pork or chicken.  It is actually Nepalese in origin.

The main part of the flavour comes from the aromatic spice paste composed of shallots, garlic, onion, ginger, galangal, coriander, cumin, kaffir lime, lemon grass, turmeric, chillies and curry leaves.

The texture and base of what makes it special comes from ground cashews, cream, milk, coconut cream & yoghurt.

I found this recipe here below for a White PPL chicken curry it is the best comfort food curry to have on a cold night !

Recipe Link